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School Mission/Vision

AFNORTH International ES Mission Statement

The mission of AFNORTH International School is to provide an education commensurate with the national requirements of its four founding nations - Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Our curriculum takes the highest educational standards from each of these nations and sets these as the standard to which our students should work towards and achieve.

We shall enrich this educational experience through our school's internationally integrated organization, with programs making use of the European setting, and the multicultural nature of our student body. This will be in conjunction with the support of our military community.

AFNORTH International ES Vision

Actively Learning, Finding Solutions, Inspiring Ideas

About Our School

AFNORTH International School was founded in September 1967 and provides education for over 900 children of JFC HQ Brunssum, NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen, other NATO personnel serving in the Netherlands, and families working in international companies in this region.

School Goals

AFNORTH ES Goal #1:  By the end of SY 2023-2024, grades 3-5 will increase the percentage of students scoring at the meets/exceeds performance levels for Language Arts by 5% AND decrease the % of students in the did not meet or partially met performance levels by 3% over two years from current performance (SY2021-2022, TBD) as reported on DoDEA’s CCRSL summative assessment.

AFNORTH ES Goal #2:  By the end of SY 2023-2024, AFNORTH Elementary School will increase the number of students who meet or exceed expectations in Mathematics as measured by the DoDEA CCRSM Summative Assessment, from 5 7% to 63%.

Chain of Command

DoDEA's official photo of Ms. Donna Aponte.

Donna Aponte

Unit 21606
APO, AE 09752
United States

+31 045-527-8251
Enrollment: 266
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